Miniature Light Controller:

Create lighting effects like fire, day-to-night transitions, magical glow, lightning or just a cozy atmosphere for your miniature environments!

I'm currently developing a device which can drive various LEDs and Miniature Bulbs (up to 16V) from a single USB Port. The brightness of each lighting channel will be controllable via Dragonframe or via a custom configuration Interface, enabling you to use it either for Stopmotion animation or for general miniature lighting effects!

The usage will not require a lot of electrical know how, as the device is failsafe and will be shipped with an easy quick start guide, so it can be used by everyone from beginners to experts.

Due to European laws I can only sell it as a kit, which means that you will need to solder a couple of components yourself. This will probably be the Pin headers, screw Terminals and the two big capacitors.

Considering the over all material- and production costs, I estimate the final product to cost around ~50 bucks. Everyone who fills out this preorder form below will be notified when the product is available, probably in September 2024, and will get an additional discount coupon for 10% off the official price. By filling out the form you are not obliged to buy the product eventually, it just shows your general interest which helps me to estimate the size of the first production batch:

Preorder a Miniature Light Controller Board:

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Update 07/24, starting at 5:54:

Dieses Projekt wurde mithilfe von Crowdfunding über teil-finanziert. - Vielen Dank an all unsere Unterstützer!